[Wolves] topic for wed online meeting jitsi - Fwd: learning android on linux

Mark Croft Redditch Linux Mint mark.croft.lug at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 19:48:13 UTC 2023


i want to learn android programming on linux.. is there a good 4gen
language that similar to delphi or something more modern. I want to
have a go at making an admin tool for repair cafe about customers
booking in there repairs and putting photos and keep a thread of
discussions with repair team online  also keep tracking of repair of
item and any parts that been orderde keep the up to date information
about the status of repair . i am finding it pretty hard to
communicate with ppl and they just do not understand some of the basic
questions like which version of windows do u watn on the laptop that
impacts the cost. i think some of the issue is my poor english and
waiting for answers holds up the repairs.. customers are not keen too
order parts and then the issue of parked repair gets annoying it more
a tool for me too use for now and hopefully other ppl will find it
useful.. would be nice to have a web-base solution for now and i can
type reeems of very verbose stuff..
we keep getting lots of ppl interested but they do not turn up we was
expecting 30 items last sunday but only 10 people turned up loads of
communcation and we loss them as customers would be nice to track the
customer/client.. maybe i am making it too complex but repairing
laptops is complex.. i not had much luck trying to convert too people
too chrome os flex there loads of missinformation about it and ppl
hate with out even trying it.. really weird world we living in , with
lots of fake information and loads FUD.

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