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Simon Burke simon at samandsimon.co.uk
Thu Sep 21 19:29:14 UTC 2023

On Thu, 21 Sept 2023, 19:57 Carles Pina i Estany, <carles at pina.cat> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 21 Sep 2023 at 09:45:23, Simon Burke via Wolves wrote:
> > Long time no post.
> I don't post much (I'm a bit more active in the Shropshire group...)
> > So I've been convinced to help run a series of talks at work relating
> > to Linux in general.
> I'm just going to write some ideas, but I don't know what's relevant in
> your work :-) (but, that, you can work it out :-D)
> > My topic of choice is 'Linux for Windows Administrators'.
> >
> > I have the basic outline, but I thought I'd post and ask for suggestions
> of
> > what kind of things to include?
> > (The majority of people attending are considered 'academics' which should
> > be factored in).
> >
> >
> > Initial ideas are along the lines of:
> > * Disk layout (not going into great depth, but touching on 'everything
> is a
> > file')
> > * Updates and patching.
> > * Powershell and bash. Plus some command equivalencies.
> > * Dare I touch text editors, as a lifelong vim user?
> Because you mentioned academics, only perhaps about free software
> history and philosophy. And Linux history and philosophy as well.
> And because of "for Windows Administrators":
> -Docker (or Podman, lxc...)
> -ansible (or alternatives)
> -Perhaps Terraform and other systems like that one?
> -Monitoring of systems (whatever might fit their use case: from big
> things like monit, cactus? or something simpler like simplemonitor)
> -Logging (where to find logs, how to get notifications, rotation of
> logs...)
> -If it was of interest: Mail servers (my "choice" is Postfix+Dovecot)
> (add other tools used there like spamassasin, filtering, etc.); or Web
> servers (Apache, nginx?), etc.; other type of servers...
> -Steps of booting on linux
> I'm sure that there are courses like this, perhaps some inspiration can
> be taken!
> Cheers,

Thank you for your suggestions.

I do have a mail talk in mind, as people not understanding email is one of
the many banes of my existence right now.

I would probably do follow-up talks about the usual services (Apache/nginx,
myself/postgres, haproxy). But for now I'd be looking as a general intro
for someone with zero Linux knowledge, only having experience of Windows.

So permissions (briefly touching ACLs), disk layout, sssd, basic firewall
(ufw/firewalld, nftables), service management (probably just systemd), and
editing files. Along with man and info pages, and finding support etc.

But I think this might be a lot to cover in about 20-30 mins.

I daren't touch monitoring where I am due to it being a contentious subject
at the moment.

I imagine we could probably fill half hour on just a brief history and
philosophy of Linux. But I'm not sure how many people would be interested
in all honesty.


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