[Wolves] DNS management du jour

Simon Burke simon at samandsimon.co.uk
Fri Sep 29 08:57:19 UTC 2023


So I have a number of personal domains that have been managed via Rackspace
cloud for a number of years. However I now have a need for DNSSEC to be
enabled on them, as I want to play with DANE. Can anyone suggest a DNS
management provider/system that would support DNSSEC and TLSA records?
(short of running BIND somewhere myself).

For some context, Microsoft has recently decided they are going to enable
support for DANE with DNSSEC for inbound email mid-late next year, and a
number of other providers already are. So I'm looking to have a play with
one of my personal domains to do some testing (so I don't break anything at
work :D) .

If anyone wants a short talk about DNS based Mail 'security' (SPF, DKIM,
DMARC, DANE), I probably need to get one made for work shortly anyway :D,
so I'm happy to 'do one' :)

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