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Roger Gibson roger at rcgibson.plus.com
Mon Feb 13 12:51:33 UTC 2017

Thanks Tony.  I can, and have, changed both the name and password.  
However, what one never knows is whether the manufacturers have a 'back 
door' they can use to give 'help and on-line service' when you have 
screwed up the software.  But then this applies to anything you buy.

On 12/02/17 22:58, Tony TF via Chester wrote:
> Hi Roger
> Did you notice that recent DDoS attacks used IP cameras in a botnet! 
> Mainly those with internals from wholesale supplier XiongMai 
> Technologies. End products from ZTE, Panasonic, Axis, Toshiba, Samsung 
> and more (UCam not mentioned). The cameras were hacked using telnet or 
> SSH using default (and unchangeable) passwords.
> Apparently UPnP in a router can also be a security risk.
> I only mention this because your statement "unique IP address, which I 
> can access via password from anywhere on the web" sort of leaves a lot 
> of unanswered security questions!
> Tony
> Reference:
> https://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/10/hacked-cameras-dvrs-powered-todays-massive-internet-outage/
> On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 1:27 PM, Roger Gibson via Chester 
> <chester at mailman.lug.org.uk <mailto:chester at mailman.lug.org.uk>> wrote:
>     Thanks Robin.  Just to be clear, the camera (Ucam 247) comes with
>     fairly comprehensive software and does everything I want, except
>     that, continuous and snapshot images can only be stored either on
>     an SD card in the camera, or by Wifi to an NAS device connected to
>     my router.  Hence my queries about setting up an NAS device using
>     an old laptop.  The short comings of the SD card are are that it
>     could be damaged/stolen with the camera, and it has limited
>     capacity, about three weeks of continuous recording before it
>     starts overwriting the oldest files.
>     There is a third option I could explore, in that a continuous feed
>     can be independently and continuously viewed in a browser, so this
>     feed could be intercepted.  I'm not sure about the quality of this
>     feed.
>     And also to be clear, nothing goes out over the internet, unless I
>     log in to the camera from holiday etc to look see.
>     Anyway, many thanks to all who have sent helpful replies.  I am at
>     present exploring using Samba to set up an NAS device, but also
>     looking at dedicated NAS programs as well.
>     Thanks again - Roger.
>     On 08/02/17 23:01, Robin via Chester wrote:
>         Well I know pretty much sod-all about NAS, so I doubt this
>         will be much help, but all the same...
>         Are you trying to configure your laptop to act as a router, so
>         you can then turn the plusnet thing off, and have your
>         security cameras connect to your laptop instead? I take it
>         your laptop could then (sneakily?) record the camera feed
>         before it gets sent wherever it gets sent to on the Internet.
>         Failing that, what about a script that reacts to the
>         motion-trigger email, logs into the camera using it's IP
>         address, and downloads the last hour of footage? I think there
>         are some command line tools that can do that kind of thing. I
>         can't honestly say I know offhand how to use them though.
>         Regards,
>         Robin
>         On Wednesday 08 February 2017 19:48:19 Tony TF via Chester wrote:
>             As I've seen no other comments here I thought I might wade
>             in with one or
>             two basics about a NAS for your security cameras.
>             A NAS Attaches some Storage to a Network or more
>             descriptively shares
>             regions of a storage device on the network. On Linux this
>             is usually done
>             by the Samba software which provides the Microsoft SMB
>             interface to share
>             disk partitions or directories. Have a look at Samba. If
>             you install it on
>             your laptop and share your USB drive you should have a
>             usable NAS.
>             I personally am wary of sharing things over the Internet
>             (like your camera
>             stream) It probably has to go via some proprietory server
>             associated with
>             the camera manufacturer. Your configurations to keep this
>             secure are a
>             whole order of magnitude more complicated than a basic LAN.
>             There are others in the lug far more competent than me.
>             They might feel
>             that your level of expertise means you have a lot to learn
>             to get where you
>             want to be, or maybe they're just too busy. Have a look at
>             Samba but bear
>             in mind that you have to keep everything secure. You might
>             be better off
>             installing a ready made NAS distro
>             <https://www.linuxvoice.com/group-test-nas-distros/
>             <https://www.linuxvoice.com/group-test-nas-distros/>>.
>             Have fun
>             Tony
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