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Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Fri May 4 08:24:39 BST 2007

Graham Cole wrote:
> I can print with good colour with GIMP but with adobe Reader and Open Office the red comes out brown! When I get a test print from the "printers" window the red is red. Can anyone advise me why red is not always red?
> It's possible that I once, long ago, tweaked my printer advanced settings (density, balance, colour density fine adjustment etc) and now I would like to try returning to default values but don't know how to. If I did tweak things, why does GIMP give good results with my printer but OO and Reader don't?
> Graham

Hi Graham

I cant give much of an answer, so hopefully someone else can help out.

But the Gimp sometimes uses quite a different printing system, 
('gutenprint' (previously 'gimp print'), so that might explain the 
difference there.

Try reinstalling gutenprint or gimp print and/or removing the config 
files related to that.
This may be difficult with dependencies, and slightly dangerous but it 
might work.

Ah, just read your post again. So its Adobe Reader and OO, that give odd 

Try the old OOo printer admin tool, its used to be a separate app on its 
own, but these days isnt made visible. Doesnt explain why Adobe Reader 
has a problem tho.


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