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Julian Robbins joolsr at fastmail.fm
Fri Jan 4 23:29:12 GMT 2008

George at dicegeorge.com wrote:
> wow i like plone...
> ive been watching a movie on it at:
> http://plone.org/about/movies

Hi George, happy new Year
> will it import and export to databases?

I'm a fan of Plone too, it really does a lot more than just be a 
website, as it has a full relational database built-in (called Zope , 
really an application server). You can use Plone as an intranet, or 
really like a windows file server, with many much extra useful features.
> i was thinking more of a traditional archive, not a website,
> but dont want to spend money on closed source software for many reasons..
> but actually perhaps websites is the way to go,
> the movie says i can have secret things -
> i wouldnt like to put out a list of all the valuables and where they are,
> there may just be a rare book amongst the collection,
> one of my first jobs is to list the books, authors etc, perhaps with a 
> few scans from the books,
> or a photo of every piece of furniture and of jeremys paintings,
> and his mum, lettice sandford's corn dollies...
> ive never used databases, apart from sorted lists...

Plone www.plone.org is quite complex to put it mildly, however version 3 
recently out, is extremely good, and if you just use Plone with its 
built-in features,   you dont have to touch programming or Zope (which 
Plone is built on hardly at all).

There is a Windows Plone installer if you want an easy way to have a 
quick play with it. The only problem with using it on a web server is 
that many web providers don't provide Zope/Plone hosting, unless you 
sort it all up yourself (which is not easy).
That said, Openia openia.net, Pale Purple palepurple.co.uk, are very 
good UK based hosting companies. PP are based in the midlands too.

If its just on a local linux PC you want to install on, you can install 
on Ubuntu say by just 'apt-get install plone'. Which will install Zope 
and plone and the rest of the libraries. Plone is also a very divisive 
app, some people, me included think its a tremendously powerful, hugely 
important system, some just don't get it all, and think its completely OTT.

If you want to discuss further, I will hopefully be at the next HLUG 
meeting later this month.


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>> On Fri, 2008-01-04 at 20:46 +0000, George at dicegeorge.com wrote:
>>> i am looking for some software
>>> to index Jeremy Sandford's
>>> writings and paintings and tapes and books
>>> and publications...
>>> www.jeremysandford.org.uk
>>> id like it to be open source
>>> and to work on windows and linux,
>>> and to have a support network
>>> does anyone have any clues
>>> to help me on my search?
>> Hello George,
>> It would be good to be clear about how much content you have, in
>> what form, and how you'd like it published and accessible.
>> However, the answer is still likely to be Plone :-)
>> Plone is a content management system (CMS) most often used
>> to publish to the web - though it can be used to publish content to 
>> other formats. It is popular, well-supported, and adaptable.
>> Plone is Free Software, accessible to anyone with a web browser, and - 
>> as it is written in Python - heir to few of the security horrors of 
>> many PHP web solutions.
>> Let me know if you'd like some help with this.
>> Regards,
>> - Richard
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