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Karl Lattimer karl at nncc.info
Thu Aug 10 15:46:27 BST 2006

> Just because they do it, doesn't make it right.

Just because Israel has their reasons for bombing Lebanon doesn't make
it right 

So its time to wake up and smell the coffee. Media delivery will follow
formats which are widely accepted, theora isn't a windows or mac
supported format and we can't force that upon them as much as they can't
force upon us wm or qt, we choose to support what we can support in this
community without risking patent infringement, however there is always a

> Go watch some videos on the BBC website. They are using RealPlayer which -
> whilst evil - at least *has* players on platforms other than Windows.

Don't get me started on real player, its shit end of, no argument
please, there is a movement for them to create gstreamer plugins for ra
and rm formats which would be far better than their crappy player, they
even changed their ABI format so xine and gstreamer couldn't use their
libraries for decoding.

> > I would have hoped people would have focused on the fact that Linux
> > and Ubuntu were mentioned on mainstream media. Ok more4 probably ain't
> > mainstream, but it is good it is getting mentioned. And just hopefully
> > one of those Windows users watching online will think about using
> > Linux and Ubuntu and maybe even look for a local lug.
> > 

Yeah, doesn't work on our platform OOTB, but if it works on the audience
we're trying to convert then thats enough, and to see the achievements
of the community is enough to empower people.

> Well it's difficult to tell because I *can't* watch the segment can I?

Can't you, well in that case you've got no skill or will, try downloading w32codecs for mplayer then getting totem-xine, xinelib, mozilla-totem, mozplugger and mplayer installed. 

All it takes is a little hackery and you can get it working, the format
is wm9 which is included in w32codecs and totem-xine should work if it
can load the codecs alright, failing using totem-xine try embedding
mplayer in mozilla using mozplugger, its easy enough and plenty of
websites out there will tell you how.

You can't complain about their delivery system when it works on more
platforms than doesn't, you can't complain they're evil, and you can't
complain you can't watch it because you obviously have never tried to
find out how to get this kind of media stream working, works for me on
my home box ;P

> You consider me suggesting that they use a method of media delivery that is
> more open as �"radical"?How odd.

I think he meant the general radical linux users who evangelise and zeal
over linux until something doesn't work on the platform and they play
the proprietary card.

> > I am not having a go at you guys but the Linux community on the
> > whole.
> > 
> > I like and use Windows, I also like Linux too.
> > 
> You have chosen not to do this. That is of course your decision to make. But
> don't berate me and those like me for wanting a more open community which
> empowers people to use their computers rather than restricts them.

Zealotry like this doesn't empower anybody. You can't call for a more
open community and then complain when someone uses a format that doesn't
work on your platform, all the comments do is serve to isolate the media
company involved from linux if they get to hear whats been said. What
you've basically said in my eyes is, "OI Channel4 you can't be part of
our community because you're not linux friendly, and BTW I want a more
open community where providers are a part of it" give me a break!

Instead of complaining all the time, get off your arse and put back into
the community, try developing a royalty free wm9 codec for gstreamer, or
contacting channel 4 and explaining the issue to them and direct their
actions a little to be more in tune with us, be positive not critical.

Take for instance, I don't like windows, in fact I passionately loath
it, I do however need to use a few windows only applications... After
some time of getting frustrated with the complete shite that is
winetools I began developing wine-doors, I got off my backside and did
something about it... That is how the community empowers people in a
positive way, it seems you're empowering the community to complain and
argue the point of cathedral and bazaar ad infinitum without actually
putting back. I think that members of this list should get more involved
in all the projects out there more, content to be a user and not putting
anything back doesn't help the situation linux is in, there's work to be
done! I have a need for a php/mysql developer on wine-doors.org at the
minute, probably about 30-35 hours work on adding features to the
existing wine AppDB, I have the need for C developers on gnome-dock.org
right now to assist with moving the code from simple cairo to
automake/autoconf gtk and libwnck and possibly some compiz hackery. I
have the need for a trac administrator on gnome-dock.org which doesn't
need any development experience, I have a need for data entry people on
wine-doors.org. I know people who are looking for help with their
projects too, jokosher for instance needs developers on gstreamer in

There are many little jobs that need doing, and getting involved with
these things and discussing the developments we've made as individuals
and in our respective projects is far better than complaining about one
little interview with mark shuttleworth, I briefly met the guy at
lugradio live, he's cool, he's been to space, he loves ubuntu, I don't
think theres much more he could have said that would be new to linux
users. His talk btw is on the lugradio website now, you may want to
check it out.

peace out,

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